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Clinton Township

Clinton Township encompasses an area that included the villages of Beamsville, Vineland, Campden, and Tintern. The first year that any records were kept was 1793.

David Adair was the first town clerk, Philip House and Francis Albright were the Overseers of Roads, Elias Anderson and George Ransier were Property Assessors and Philip House was the Tax Collector. Jacob Beam (Beaum) and Harmanus House were the first Town Wardens, Samuel Hamell the first Constable. The Pound Keeper was Harmanus House.

A Village Pound was a feature of early British villages. The structure was usually a high walled and lockable structure where stray livestock could be restrained until the owner could be located. He would then be charged a fine in order to receive his livestock back.

This Village Pound could also serve as a human lock-up if the situation were to arise.

By the year 1800 there were 66 submissions to the township of various styles of ear cropping and nicking to distinctively mark each farmers cattle, hogs and sheep. Fences were often the last matter of business for an early homesteader and animals were often left to roam at large, collected each evening by a young family member.

If an animal was left wandering with no identification it would most likely be sent to the Village Pound, to be sold within three weeks if no claimant came forward first.

In the northern part of Clinton Twp closer to Lake Ontario early settlers to the area were Boughner, Coon, Corson, Corwin, Culp (Kulp), Fisher, Hawn, Henry, Kitchen, Konkle, Lawrason, Marseilles, Merrill, Overholt, Tallman and Walker.

The southern partl of Clinton Twp. along Spring Creek were the families of Bertrande, Book, Cohoe, Comfort, Dawdy, Dennis, Frease, Hitchcock, Huntsman, Johnson, Linderberry, Mingle, Zimmerman.

Many of these early settlers were Mennonites, who had immigrated from Pennsylvania. These early settlers would go on to form new communities such as Beamsville, Vineland and Campden.