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Thorold Township

The Township of Thorold was bounded by the Welland River on the south, separating it from the townships of Crowland and Wainfleet; on the west by the Township of Pelham, and Stamford Township on the east. Grantham Township sat directly to it's north.

The Township of Thorold was settled as early as 1787 when several Quaker families arrived there from the United States. By 1817 the population was estimated to be 830 with one Quaker Church in the township. A small settlement of about 200 inhabitants had formed at St. John's, along the Twelve Mile Creek where a saw mill and a grist mill, as well as a public school, several churches and shops were located.

In 1829 the Welland Canal was completed which traversed the township from north to south and brought prosperity to such communities as Port Robinson and Allanburg.

In the year 1885 the township contained 816 horses, 1,268 sheep, 1,847 horned cattle, and a population of about 2,000. There were 2,211 acres of winter wheat and 807 acres planted to orchards and gardens.