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The land around Burnaby was originally granted to three settlers, David Morgan, Abraham Minor and Jacob Ott. The men, originally from Holland, had settled in Pennsylvania. However the American Revolution forced them to flee to Upper Canada (Ontario).

The name Burnaby was suggested by William Kinnard, who was instrumental in acquiring a post office in Burnaby. When his first choice of names, Wainfleet was rejected he suggested the name Burnaby after an article he had read in The Globe about a Colonel, Frederick Burnaby who had been killed in the Egyptian War.

The name Burnaby for the post office was approved by the government. The tiny settlement at the base of Morgan's Point known as Burnaby had a few stores and about a dozen homes.

William Kinnard owned the first store in the area where he sold everything from farm machinery to pianos. He would become known to local residents as Burnaby Bill.

Eventually the land on the lake side would be sold off for small lakefront lots. This area would become known as Belleville Beach.