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Winger, a hamlet of Wainfleet Township was named after Jacob Winger who built a tavern on the northeast corner of Smith Road and Hwy. #3. Here Mr. Winger would also build a post office.

This was a great benefit to local farmers who until then had to travel to Marshville to receive their mail. However, in order to build a post office the government stipulated that it could not be housed in a tavern and so a small post office was operated out of a store that had been built by George Moore.

When a name was needed for the new post offce it was decided on to name the new hamlet Winger. The post office operated until 1914 when all rural mail delivery was established from Marshville.

Winger Cheese Factory
The Winger Cheese Factory, 1914

Perhaps the one building in Winger that has withstood the test of time is the Winger General Store. The store was built in 1914 by J. Arthur Coleman. The store went to several owners before being purchased in 1920 by Harry A. Smith. His widow operated the store until 1946. In 1951 the Ontario Department of Highways requested the store be moved further south and facing Highway 3 instead of Pettit Road.

In 1904 William Aiken built an apple evaporator plant on Winger Road. The factory dried and processed tonnes of apples providing area farmers with a market to sell their produce. However the factory was struck by lightening and destroyed by a fire in 1908.

The Wills Cemetery is located on the east side of Winger Road. Many of the headstones here date back to the early 1800's and are the final resting place for some of the areas earliest residents.