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The Time to Save This Significant Wetland is Now!

The property known as Thundering Waters Forested Swamp is situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It is comprised of 484 acres of old growth trees, savannah plains and mature forests - 220 acres of which are designated as provincially significant wetlands (forested swamps).

The land is privately owned by an investment group from China, and in cooperation with the city of Niagara Falls, is currently seeking the approvals required for a mega-development on this pristine site.

Upscale housing for 10,000 people along with the requisite infrastructure and transportation investments would wipe out the forest and do irreparable damage to the wetlands.

The variety of life supported here is so diverse that to date it has not been fully identified or categorized.

There is no development in the world that can equal what the Thundering Waters Forested Swamp contributes to all of us, and there is no scientific evidence proving that these ancient wetlands can be replaced or replicated.

The Time to Act is Now!