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memorial hall

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Memorial Hall

The Niagara High School was built in 1875 and today is home to the Niagara Historical Museum located in Memorial Hall. Records show that classes were being taught to Niagara area students as early as 1808 however these schools were privately funded. The Niagara High School, located at the corner of Castelreagh and Davy Streets contained two classrooms.

Early in the 1900's a gymnasium was added and another addition, a science room was added in the 1930's. One of the school's most notable teachers was Janet Carnochan, a Niagara historian who was instrumental in the establishment of the Niagara Historical Society in 1895. Through her efforts the present Memorial Hall was built in 1907.

The Old High School continued to function until 1940 when declining enrollment sent some Niagara students to Stamford Collegiate while others were educated at St. Catharines Collegiate. The original structure of the Old High School has been incorporated into the Niagara Historical Museum. The Niagara Historical Museum contains an invaluable collection of early military and pioneer items with many personal effects of such notable residents such as Laura Secord and Sir Isaac Brock.