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twenty valley

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Twenty Valley

Whether it is in the fall when the autumn colours are at their peak or the winter, when shops and restaurants take on a festive nature, the Twenty Valley is a wonderful out-of-the-way destination.

The Twenty Valley lacks the glamour of Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake, but for the nature lover it is filled with wonderful surprises and unsurpassed scenery. Wineries and waterfalls, all within walking distance of one another.

twenty valley
The Twenty Mile Creek runs through the Twenty Valley

The area around The Twenty Mile Creek has a long history. Around 1780 settlements were beginning to develop around the creek and farmers depended on the creek to power the mills.

The Ball family owned a mill at the top of the escarpment at Balls Falls. Mills along the Twelve Mile Creek at Decew were also being developed.

Today the Jordan Historical Museum offers visitors a chance to see a re-creation of a pioneer homestead as well as a staircase leading from the museum property to the valley floor.

Jordan, Ontario is a lovely place to visit and there is usually free parking available. You can also access the village from the Twenty Valley Trail. Travel along King Street and you will find Jordan Hollow and Jordan Hollow Park which also provides plenty of free parking. Another place to park if you want to hike the Twenty Valley is along Glen Rd. This spot is not as well known or visibly marked but it too will provide trail access, and there is always free parking.

To the north west of the Town of Jordan is another free parking spot. Follow Main Street north from Jordan and it will veer off to the left. This road will take you down into the valley and over a one lane bridge.