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wainfleet bog

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Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area

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The Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area is a huge tract of eco-sensitive marshland measuring 1,980 acres in the southern part of the Niagara Region.

Purchased by the Niagara Region Conservation Authority in 1996 the Wainfleet Bog is one of the largest, undisturbed bogs in Southern Ontario.

The bog was once much larger, a result of the melting glaciers around 12,000 years ago. The glacial meltwater, unable to drain into Lake Erie due to the clay and bedrock found along the Onandaga Escaprment pooled, creating a huge marshland. Existing vegetation, unable to adapt to this new wetter environment decayed, and a new eco-system, able to withstand the wetter acidic conditions flourished giving us the unique bog that we see today.

This conservation area is best left to the experienced hiker. Hiking in a bog environment can be challenging and proper hiking gear, including a compass is recommended.