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Brocks monument

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Brock's Monument

Brock's Monument is located within Queenston Heights Park, and is the highlight of the park with it's imposing 56 metre (186 ft.) column dedicated to Major General Sir Isaac Brock a Canadian icon from the War of 1812.

Brock, stationed at Niagara, led a charge up Queenston Heights to defeat the Americans who had seized possession of Queenston Heights. He died valiantly from a gunshot wound and was buried at Fort George.

In 1823 the first monument to honour Major Brock was built. This monument was slightly damaged in 1837 by anti-British protestors and was replaced in 1859 with the slightly larger monument built from limestone from the nearby Queenston Quarry.

The remains of Major General Sir Isaac Brock were removed from Fort George and interned at the new monument. This is the monument that we see today.

brocks monument