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Fort Drummond

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Fort Drummond

Fort Drummond was built by the British in the spring of 1814 to guard the portage route between Chippawa and Queenston. Skirmishes with the Americans were intensifying and it became apparent that all effort must be taken to guard this very important transportation route.

The fort was comprised of a U shape battery and a square redoubt, with an enclosed blockhouse with room for 100 men. Slightly inland from the Niagara River and the American border it would be less likely to suffer a direct hit from enemy cannons, and troops could be sent out to keep watch along the river, and act as escorts to the horse or oxen drawn wagons that were used for the portage.

Although the fort served a purpose at the time, tensions between the two sides had diminished. By 1815 the fort was no longer needed and quickly fell into disrepair. For over 100 years it sat neglected until the Niagara Parks Commission decided to incorporate it into Queenston Heights Park. Today the redoubt is the foundation for the wading pool in the southern part of the park.

Admission and parking to the park are free.