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Fort George

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Fort George

Fort George, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake was built in 1798 - 1799. After the signing of Jay's Treaty on November 19, 1794 the British were forced to relinquish possession of Fort Niagara to the Americans. Fort George was built across the Niagara River on the west side slightly north of Fort Niagara.

Prior to the War of 1812 Fort George was the headquarters of the British Indian Department in which John Butler played an instrumental role. Alongside Col. Butler was General Isaac Brock, who commanded the Right Division of the British Army and was stationed at Fort George.

On May 27, 1813 the Americans managed to overtake the fort however by the following winter the fort was taken back by the British. The British realizing the vulnerability of the fort decided Fort Mississauga, directly across from Fort Niagara, was strategically a better location. The British also built Butler's Barracks inland from the Niagara River and out of reach of American cannons.

After the War of 1812 and the establishing of territorories between the British and the Americans life in Upper Canada returned to normal. Fort George was no longer needed and was left abandoned. For nearly 100 years the fort was left to decay until 1926 when it was declared a National Historic Site. Between 1937 - 1941 the Fort underwent a total reconstuction. The work was commissioned by the government as a make work project for dozens of unemployed tradesmen during the Great Depression.