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Laura Secord Homestead

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Laura Secord Homestead

Location: 29 Queenston St. Village of Queenston, Ontario, Canada

Laura Secord, was residing in the community of Queenston, Ontario. The area was infiltrated with American troops and Laura Secord happened to overhear plans by the Americans to overtake Fitzgibbon and his troops at Decou.

Laura Secord took it upon herself to make the arduous journey to DeCou to alert Fitzgibbons. To avoid detection by the patroling American troops Laura Secord chose an old Indian trail, that took her through the woods from Queenston to St. Davids, eventually Shipman's Corners (now St. Catharines), and eventually on to Decou House, a distance of about 32 kms, or apx 20 miles.

It is because of her actions that Fitzgibbons, alerted to the impending attack, was able to rally his men and make a decisive victory over the Americans. This victory would prove to be a positive turning point for the British in the War of 1812.