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morningstart mill

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Morningstar Mill

Location: 2710 DeCew Road, St Catharines, Ontario Canada

The Gristmill on Beaverdams Creek was originally built by Robert Chappel in 1872 to process grain from area farms. The Mill was constructed of stone from Beaverdams Creek.

In 1875 by The City of St. Catharines Water Works Commission purchased land nearby at DeCew and built a series of dams that diverted the water flow. Without sufficient water to run his turbines Chappel was encouraged to sell the property to The City of St. Catharines.

By the early 1880s the third Welland Canal had been completed and the water level once again restored to the creek. In 1883 the City of St. Catharines sold the property to Wilson Morningstar who rented out the mill and built a home for his family on the small acrerage.

Descendants of Wilson and Emma Morningstar continued to reside in the home until 1993.

In 1992 the volunteer group Friends of Morningstar Mill was established with an agenda to restore and operate the mill. Much of the restoration process was helped along by the fact that the mill had remained virtually undisturbed since Wilson Morningstar's death in 1933.

Morningstar Mill is located at 2710 DeCew Rd., St. Catharines, Ontario. Admission and Parking is Free; Donations are greatly appreciated.