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Vineland, Ontario

As the name would suggest Vineland is a small farming community located between the southern shore of Lake Ontario and the Niagara escarpment. This provides optimal growing conditions for tender fruits such as grapes, cherries and peaches.

The first horticultural research station in Canada was built at Vineland Station, in 1906. It is still operational to this very day.

Vineland is also the home of the very first Mennonite congregation in Canada. The congregation began services about 1800, and formally organized in 1801. The first building was occupied in 1801, with subsequent building programs in 1810, 1897, and 1962. At one time the congregation had three places of worship: the Moyer church at the present location, the Mountain church (extinct) and the Jordan church (extinct).

Services were held alternately at the three churches. The First Mennonite Church in Vineland and the adjacent cemetery is located at the corner of Regional Road 81 (former Highway 8) and Martin Road. Pastoral leaders who served the Moyer/First Mennonite congregation, have included: Valentine Kratz (1801-1824); Jacob Moyer (1802; Bishop, 1807-1833); Jacob Moyer, Jr. (1824-1831); Daniel Hoch (1831-1849); Jacob Gross (1833; Bishop 1834-1865); Abraham Moyer (1842-1871); Dilman Moyer (1842; Bishop, 1850-1873); Abram K. Hunsberger (1858-1889); Daniel Honsberger (1875-1914); John F. Rittenhouse (1889-1903); Samuel F. Coffman (1895; Bishop, 1903-1954); Willis Hallman (1951-1954); Wayne North (1955-1963); Milton Schwartzentruber (1964); Marvin Yoder (1965-1967); J.B. Martin (Interim, 1967-1968); Clare Wideman (1969-1975); Eric Strachan (1976-1978); Richard Leonhard (Interim, 1979); Stanley Shantz (1980-1982); Richard Leonhard (1983-1984); Harold Nigh (1985-1989); Kevin Block (1991-2003); Harold Peters Fransen (Interim, 2003-2004).

Every fall, on the Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend Vineland hosts a large craft fair. Craft vendors are set up on the main street, Victoria Avenue, and at the Ball's Falls Conservation Area.